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SJGA Policy on Handicapping

A. You should carry your USGA Handicap Sticker/Card with you to all tournaments.

B. Official handicap indexes from 7 days prior to an event will be used regardless of when a player entered the tournament.

C. SJGA has the authority to lower a player’s handicap for exceptional scores (SEE SJGA HANDICAP ADJUSTING SYSTEM ON PAGE 15). Also, the SJGA will randomly review the handicap records of tournament participants both prior to and after tournaments. If any irregularities or discrepancies are discovered, including scores posted or scores not being posted, appropriate action will be taken.

D. All clubs must provide SJGA with the opportunity to view Handicap Indexes following each handicap revision and scoring records when requested. This must be met in order for respective SJGA members to be eligible for tournament play. For eligibility requirements, see #1. ELIGIBILITY in the SJGA Manual.

E. To have an accurate handicap, you must submit all of your scores; except, SJGA Scores as we post them for you.  Note: When submitting your own scores, you must follow ESC - Equitable Stroke Control.


A. It is important to understand that your USGA Handicap Index is a number used to measure your skill and generally used to compare players on a unilateral level. Each course has a conversion chart to see what your handicap will be at its facility. Your handicap index will be the initial number used to determine your Course Handicap for tournament play. In order to create the fairest playing field, we must program our USGA Tournament Pairing Program (TPP) software to use your Course Handicap when flighting a tournament and for the Net Division’s prize distribution purposes.

B. Our TPP software will download GHIN handicaps directly into our software and will first adjust your handicap index by using the host course’s Course & Slope Ratings. We have to manually input non-GHIN handicaps.

C. USGA’s Section 3-5 will be applied to the tournament when there are more than one set of tees being used by the entire field. We apply Section 3-5 off the high rating.

D. Depending on each tournament’s format, rules, & parameters set up, each player may have a further adjustment in % of handicap to be used to help further create a level & fair playing field. (i.e. Amateurs - 100% of handicap, Team events by Gender M-90% F-95% of handicap is often used or by skill as such ~ Scrambles: A Player-35%/B Player-15% of handicap to be used. Flighted Better Ball of Partners Gross & Ryder Cup Events: A Player - 70%/B Player - 30% of handicap to be used.)

E. In two person teams such as Better Ball of Partners, an additional 10% adjustment is made if there are 8 or more strokes separating the teammates.


A. All tournament scores, when you play your own ball, will be posted by the SJGA and will be recorded as tournament scores. Therefore, if you use the GHIN System, do not post your own scores. Exception: For all members whose home club utilizes a handicap system other than GHIN, you are required to post your own scores.

B. In order to be eligible for Gross Division awards, you must finish out on every hole. Should you pick up or not finish a hole, you will only be eligible for Net Division awards.

C. Should you pick up on one or more holes, you must estimate the score you would have had but no greater than what your ESC score should be. You must play at least 13 holes to have a legitimate 18-hole score.

D. For pace of play, if your score is not competitive towards any Gross Division prizes or will not be a factor in your team’s score, it is advised that you pick up your ball.

E. Disqualification - Any player who IS disqualified from a competition, but, has an acceptable score, shall record his or her adjusted gross score for handicap purposes.